September 2016 

Friday September 23rd: Workshop on Behavioural Science: Ethics, Evidence and Policy (Joint with Newcastle Law School) 

October 2016 

Wednesday October 5th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Nick Hanley (St. Andrews): "Nudges and threshold effects in agri-environment policy".

Wednesday October 12th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Megan Grimes (Strathclyde) Inconsistent Planning and the Allocation of Tasks Over Time".

Wednesday October19th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar; Philip Newall (Stirling) "Behaviourally Informed Gambling Regulation".

Wednesday October 26th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Benjamin Vincent (Dundee): "Time and probability discounting: how Bayesian methods can improve data collection and analysis".

November 2016 

Wednesday November 2nd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar. Philip Powell (Sheffield) "Heart Versus Head: The Effects of Differential Bodily Feedback on Altruistic and Invested Monetary Decisions".

Wednesday November 9th 3pm: Workshop on Naturalistic Behavioural Science 

Wednesday November 16th 12pm to 430pm: Workshop on Unemployment and Precarious Employment 

Wednesday November 23rd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Marjon van der Pol (Aberdeen).

Wednesday November 30th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Reto Odermatt (Basel) 

JUNE 2016

Tuesday and Wednesday June 7th and 8th: Two-day workshop on statistical techniques using STATA.

Thursday June 9th: 2016 Stirling PhD Conference in Behavioural Science

Friday June 10th: 9th and final ESRC Workshop on Behavioural Science and Public Policy. Keynote speakers: Professor David Laibson and Professor Ulrich Witt.

MAY 2016

Wednesday May 4th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Muireann Quigley (Newcastle)

APRIL 2016

Wednesday April 6th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Thomas Webb (Sheffield University). "Antecedents and consequences of monitoring (and not monitoring) goal progress".

Friday April 15th: Workshop on Behavioural Science, Measurement and Policy.

Wednesday April 27th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Noemi Berlin (Edinburgh). "Changing dietary habit: a field experiment on low income families" (with Michèle Belot, Jonathan James, and Valeria Skafida)

MARCH 2016

Wednesday March 2nd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Bernardo Nunes (Stirling). "Workplace pension plans and saving behavior: evidence from the United Kingdom".

Wednesday March 9th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Emely de Vet (Wageningen University). “How to navigate a tempting environment: from explicit directions to implicit cues".

Wednesday March 16th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Zhihua Li (Warwick University). "Reference-dependent preferences in outcome sequence comparison: Theory and evidence".

Thursday March 24th: One Day Workshop on Mental Health and Economics 


Wednesday February 3rd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Stefano Carattini (Grantham Institute for Research on Climate Change). 

Wednesday February 10th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. John McAlaney; ‘Norms, misperceptions and manipulations: The social psychology of cybersecurity". 

Wednesday February 17th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Prof Leigh Sparks and Prof Steve Burt (Stirling University). "The potential for behavioural science research in retail contexts".


Wednesday January 27th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Gerard Hastings (Stirling)



Wednesday November 4th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Simon McCabe (Stirling): "The influence of death awareness and cultural values on economic and health behaviour"

Wednesday November 18th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Jody Quigley (Stirling): "The Social Norms of Suicidal and Self-harming Behaviours"

Wednesday November 25th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar


Wednesday October 7th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Mitch Callan (Essex): "The Antecedents and Consequences of Personal Relative Deprivation"

Wednesday October 14th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Marjon Van Pol (Aberdeen). "Investigating the Glasgow effect on health".

Wednesday October 21st 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Adam Harris (UCL): "Questioning the status of optimism as a fundamental characteristic of human thought"

Wednesday October 28th 4pm: Mid-term Week

Friday October 30th: SIRE Workshop on Consumption Behaviour


Wednesday September 9th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Vera Rita de Mello Ferreira

Friday September 18th: Stirling Workshop on Well-Being and Public Policy 

Wednesday September 23rd 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Susann Fiedler (MPI Bonn): "How Social Preferences Guide the Transformation of Objective Payoffs: An Eye-tracking Analysis"

Wednesday September 30th 4pm: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Lukasz Walasek (Warwick University): "Sources of variability in estimates of loss aversion"

JUNE 2015

Tuesday June 2: Guest Lecture: Professor Paul Mills (University of California, San Diego): "The promises and failures of the biomedical literature"

Thursday June 25: Stirling PhD Conference in Behavioural Science.

Friday June 26: ESRC Workshop on Behavioural Science and Public Policy.

APRIL 2015

Wednesday April 1: Behavioural Science Seminar: Peter Riefer (UCL) "Modern foraging: exploration and exploitation in supermarkets".

Wednesday April 15: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Alexia Gaudeul (Jena) "After the nudge: The impact of nudges on people's attitudes and perceptions"

Wednesday April 22: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Ivo Vlaev (Warwick) "Money Lives:  Improving financial capability using behavioural theory and ethnography"

March 2015

Wednesday 4: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Peter Matthews (Stirling): "Homo Economicus in a Big Society: Understanding Middle-class Activism and NIMBYism towards New Housing Developments"

Wednesday 11: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Stian Reimers (City University London): "Being bad at being random: Coins, lotteries and battleships"

Wednesday 18: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr Eva Rafetseder "Choice or no choice: Investigating children's ability to feel regret and relief"

Wednesday-Thursday 18-19: Advanced Stata for Behavioural Science

Wednesday  25: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Marjon van der Pol (Aberdeen): "Present bias and physical activity"

February 2015

Wednesday February 4: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Rory O'Connor (Glasgow).

Wednesday February 11: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Mandy Ryan (Aberdeen) 

Wednesday February 18: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Pete Lunn (ESRI): "The Surplus Identification Task: A Psychophysical Approach to Economic Choice".

Wednesday February 25: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Nick Hanley (St. Andrews) 

Friday February 27thESRC Workshop on Biomarkers and Social Science.

December 2014
Tuesday 2nd: Professor David Blanchflower (Dartmouth and Stirling). "Labour Market Slack in the UK and US". LTA4. 5pm.

Tuesday & Wednesday 2nd & 3rd: Introduction for Stata for Behavioural Science

Thursday 4thEconomics Seminar:Mirko Moro (Stirling)

November 2014

Tuesday 4th: Economics Seminar: Dr. Bjorn Wallace (Cambridge) 

Wednesday 5th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Mike Peacey (Bath) "Self-control at college".

Tuesday 11th: Economics Seminar: Jona Linde (VU University of Amsterdam) "Learning and Evolution in a Multi-Round Strategy-Method Minority-Game Experiment"

Wednesday 12th: Behavioural Policy Workshop (3pm to 5pm).

Thursday 13th: Economics Seminar: Bouwe Dijkstra (Nottingham) "Location-dependent payments from households to polluting firms"

Wednesday 19th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Juliane Hennecke (Potsdam). "Locus of Control and Migration Decisions - Evidence from Internal Migration in Germany"

Friday 21st: ESRC Workshop on Personality and Preferences.

Tuesday 25th: Economics Seminar: Chris Belfield (Institute for Fiscal Studies)

October 2014

Wednesday 1st: Behavioural Science Seminar: Professor Liam Delaney (Stirling): "Well-being and unemployment across the life-course".

Tuesday 7th: Economics Seminar: Dr. Luca Savorelli (St Andrews). "New evidence on antismoking policies, obesity, and lifestyles".

Wednesday 8th: Behavioural Science Seminar; Dr. Michael Daly (Stirling): "Early origins of health".

Wednesday 15th: Behavioural Science Seminar: Dr. Andy Siddaway (Stirling): "Following a trauma, which children are most likely to develop posttraumatic stress disorder? Results from a recent meta-analysis".

Friday 17th: Stirling Choice Workshop (Organised by Dr. Danny Campbell).

Tuesday 21st: Economics Seminar: Osea Giuntella (Oxford): "Do immigrants improve the health of natives?"

Wednesday 22nd: Behavioural Science Seminar Dr. Ana Nuevo-Chiquero (Sheffield): "Do personality traits affect productivity? Evidence from the lab" with María Cubel, Santiago Sánchez-Pagés and Marian Vidal-Fernández, IZA Discussion Paper No. 8308 and InstEAD/SERPS no. 2014012

Friday 31stIrish Economics and Psychology Workshop in Dublin (co-organised by centre) 

September 2014

Monday 15th: Induction week for MSc in Behavioural Science

Tuesday 16th: Dr. Richard Murphy (LSE). "Top of the class: the importance of ordinal rank". Economics seminar 

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